Sailing in Croatia - An adventure from Split to Kings Landing

This trip to Croatia was the perfect mix of free time, relaxing in the sun, historical tours, food experiences, wine/beer tastings and of course experiencing life on board a yacht cruising the Adriatic sea. The group dynamic will dictate how each day works. The skipper gives a certain level of flexibility depending on what we want to do and see each day. Meals are shared on board the yacht in the fully stocked kitchen or taken on shore in one of the many café and restaurants (or you can eat ice cream for lunch because, why not?)

The food kitty is used for breakfast and lunch but is up to the group to decide. Our group took turns cooking lunch when we were out sailing and stocked the kitchen at each port. We opted for fresh fruit, incredible cheese, meats, bread and beer. Dinners were always on shore and the options cater to everyone’s budget. The menus included a few traditional meals from each island which the skipper would organize for us ahead of time.

I loved this trip - Here's 3 reasons why!

Boat life

Is there any better way to start your day then by jumping off the back of your private yacht into the Adriatic Sea? Most days are spent relaxing on the boat, swimming in the sea and occasionally relaxing on the stunning beaches. Best way to kick back and relax.

Free time

Each day we sail, then dock in the marina where we have the option to take a tour with a local guide, rent a bike and cruise on our own. There's also the option to sit in a café and sip the local wine. Each island offered something different whether it was historical significance, stunning castles, churches or national parks to explore.

The Mediterranean influence on the food in Croatia means you will be flooded with incredible food every day and in some cases, we skipped the tours to sit in a seaside café and eat and drink far too many espressos.


From Split’s Diocletian Palace to Hvar’s old town - ending in Dubrovnik with a walk on the famous stone wall built in the 16th century, you will l learn more about the history of Europe in one week than you ever did in high school.


Meals: The food kitty covers most breakfasts & lunches 

Transport: monohull yacht, zodiac 

Accommodation: Yacht (7 nights) 

Post from guest blogger, Caroline, one of Intrepid Travel's South African Business Development Managers