One usually has low expectations of the transfer trip from the airport to your holiday destination but on my recent trip to Lake Como in Italy, I’m not so sure. Emerging from the Italian tunnels by night to the magic of the picturesque lights glistening over Lake Como was indeed a memorable start to the trip.  For me, it was the perfect balance of summer sunshine and everything the Italian's do so well.

Lake Como is a charming location with a beautiful lake, great food, wine, hospitality as well as a little crazy bus trip here and there on the narrow streets that are in fact the same routes taken by the Roman's centuries ago. There is history, beauty and charm around every corner.

We stayed in Tremezzo but regardless of where you are based around the lake you can enjoy everything Lake Como has to offer including a peak at George Clooney’s Villa! While Como itself has lots of lovely shops and restaurants as well as the well-known funicular which is like a cable car to the top of the mountain, it’s the smaller towns and villages along the lake that I found particularly charming. Bellagio and Varenna are just two that have lovely local shops with jewellery, scarves, local produce and of course the world-famous Italian ice-cream.

Lake Como - Things To Do  

There are lots of gorgeous walks and activities to do as well to work off that amazing pizza and pasta! The one I would recommend if you want something easy-going that adults and kids would enjoy is the spectacular walk to San Martino. You can leave from Tremezzo and it’s about a leisurely hour to the top but be warned it is steep in parts but very manageable.

Finally on my second last day in Tremezzo I discovered a park I wish I had discovered at the start of the week… the fantastic ‘Parco Civico Teresio Olivelli’ … if you like swimming in the lake, reading your book under a tree or having a drink in the little bar overlooking the lake … you will never leave here… it’s a busy spot at the weekend when all the locals come here to relax.

So if you’re not that bothered about a beach holiday but still want the sun, the lakes in Italy in the summer have such a mix of stuff to do, they are a must for any curious travel-enthusiast.

Written by Claire Mulcahy