Reconnect with nature

There are some magical places on Earth, and particularly in nature.

Below are 5 natural wonders to add to your travel wish list:

Another 'hot' favorite is the geothermal wonder of Yellowstone - watch the video below...

Stay in the heart of nature

Exploring the natural world isn’t only about trekking, climbing, and swimming–kicking back can be just as amazing. You could head to Thailand, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Try the famous Railay Beach, cut off from the rest of the mainland of Krabi province by high limestone cliffs and only accessible by boat.

Or take a picnic to the sweeping tea plantations of Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, where blissfully cooler air meets stunning views.

You could even spend the night among the treetops. Channel your inner child and book a night in a treehouse–with breakfast on a balcony overlooking the canopy and nights listening only to the sound of the breeze rustling through the leaves.

Indulge your love of water in a floating sea villa in the Maldives, with unbroken views of crystal-blue waters and the sound of waves gently lapping its wooden stilts. Or for a complete escape, head to a remote mountain resort in Canada or India where unparalleled views create a sense of absolute serenity.

Where will your adventures take you?
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